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Don Omar - Taboo

Okaber - TABOO

TSL Plays: Taboo | EP 7

Taboo game inspired by the environment and your friends in the game board without your oynayabilceg game. Group 1 and Group 2 team in the game to exist. Within 60 seconds to tell how much the card the more points you will earn. 15 minutes into the game . There is game time . If you want to play you can bailat time . Hourglass time to start the game enough to touch . Which group collected more points in 15 minutes if i.eri game will be the winner . There are 251 cards in the game . Press the X button when using forbidden words will be changed as a player . Yet that does not rank points can not be added to the group .

Start telling the Forbidden use words !

Good Luck ..!